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My creations of wall and ceiling decorations are tailor-made, in close dialogue with sponsors, individuals and professionals, and made with natural, non-toxic and environmentally friendly paints.


Eternal spring



Parisian garden






Tribute to Georgia


Horizons verticaux.détail

Vertical horizons


Sous la canopée.détail

Under the canopy


The process of creating a decor

STEP 1. The first step in the creation process is to discuss with the sponsors, then  to organize an on-site visit, in order to make a sensitive inventory (lights, atmospheres, etc.), to take precise measurements and to examine the support. At this stage, the sponsor is invited to present their preferences in terms of subjects, colors and style. After discussion, I propose principles of general composition and tracks of decorative motifs, with the support of some graphic references.

2ND STEP.During the second stage, and after the return of the sponsors, an estimate is drawn up for the planned decor project, and the dates of the construction site are discussed. At this stage, the path selected is specified in the form of models and small-scale samples, which will be developed until validation of the final project.

STEP 3. At this stage, the final model is validated with the sponsors and the organization of the site can begin, which includes in particular the ordering of materials. Before the intervention, recommendations are given for the preparation of the support if necessary. This must be in good condition (without defects or cracks) and covered with a layer of printing.

STEP 4. The production phase of the decor, the duration of which varies according to the size and complexity of the project, is the final stage of the project. It includes the protection of the premises, the installation of the equipment (scaffolding if necessary), the postponement of the pattern and the painting.

PLEASE NOTE: If the size of the project and the deadlines require it, it is possible to mobilize a team of experienced decorative painters for the project.

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