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Peinture murale. Eternel printemps ©PJ


Clients: individuals

Detached house, Marolles-en-Brie (94)

Wall decor. Dimensions: 4.60m x 5m

Bio-sourced seaweed paint

The "Eternal Spring" project was born from a desire on the part of the sponsors to dress the blind wall of their living room in double height. The decor proposal aimed to open up the space and bring light by creating trompe l'oeil bay windows in the extension of the existing openings. These bays overlook an outdoor landscape that incorporates the plant species present in the garden (camellia, hydrangea) and species appreciated by the sponsors (cherry tree). The painted decoration is in a figurative register, while adopting a graphic and contemporary language.

Peinture murale. Eternel printemps ©PJ
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