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Peintre en décor du patrimoine


 I worked for several years as an architect, urban designer and researcher before dedicating myself to decorative painting. This explains the close attention I pay to volumes, proportions, lights and atmospheres when designing  wall paintings.


I work as an independent artist restoring and creating custom-made, temporary or permanent painted decorations (walls, ceilings, shop windows) for individuals and professionals. Based in Arles (South of France), I work all around France and abroad.


All my projects are commissioned and designed in close dialogue with the clients. They are made with the most suitable paints to each medium, for a better longevity, but also and above all with non-toxic and ecological paints, for a greater respect for the health of the painters and the inhabitants, as well as the environment.


After my professional experience in architecture and urban design studios, I obtained the title of Decorative Painter specialized in Heritage Restoration from the Ecole d'Avignon. The mastering of traditional painting and coating techniques allows me to intervene in diverse projects for the restoration of ancient wall paintings, in particular for historical monuments ;  and to collaborate with specialized workshops.

  • 2024 : PhD in Urban Planning and Design

Université Paris-Est - ED Cities, Territories, Transports - Lab'Urba

  • 2021: Title of Decorative Painter Specialized in Heritage Restoration

Ecole d'Avignon (Training center for the rehabilitation of ancient heritage)

  • 2012 : Research Master in Social Sciences. Mention Territories, Spaces, Societies

School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (EHESS), Paris

  • 2010 : Accreditation for Architecture Project Management (HMONP)

Architecture School of the city and territories Paris-Est

  • 2009 : State Diploma of Architect (DEA). Specialty Paris, Metropolises

Architecture School of the city and territories Paris-Est

Visting student at the Facultad de Arte, Arquitectura y Diseño, Universidad Diego Portales , Santiago de Chile


Our collective of decorative painters

Creation and restoration of painted decorations. Decorative coatings. Preparation of supports. Readings and diagnostics

Trained in the traditional techniques of decorative painting, the members of our collective come from very diverse professional and artistic backgrounds.

They therefore have a wide variety of skills, useful and complementary to the management of projects ranging from the creation of contemporary decorations to the restoration of decorations and old buildings.

Armed with the knowledge and know-how acquired during this training, the members of our collective (whose status is being defined), come together around a common commitment: the preferential use of materials non-toxic and ecological, - adapted to the geographical and historical context, as well as to the supports - in the implementation of their individual and/or collective projects.

Decorative Painter Specialized in Heritage Restoration
Chemical Engineer

Before becoming a decorative painter, Luc worked for years as a chemical engineer, alongside his artistic practice of painting.

La Seyne-sur-Mer (Var)


Decorative Painter Specialized in Heritage Restoration
Eco-construction specialist

Before becoming a decorative painter, Frédéric worked for several years for a trade in ecological materials for which he implemented the natural building materials distributed.

Martigues (Bouches-du-Rhone)


Decorative Painter Specialized in Heritage Restoration
Visual artist

Before becoming a decorative painter, Constance studied at the Beaux-Arts and practiced various creative techniques, in particular with the creation of artisanal wallpapers.

Arles (Bouches-du-Rhone)


Decorative Painter Specialized in Heritage Restoration
Costume designer. Scenographer. Actress. Cabinetmaker

Before dedicating herself to decorative painting, Blanche worked in the theater world as an actress, scenographer and costume designer (from artistic conception to production).

Avignon (Vaucluse)

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